Part-time, per Call Firefighter Corps

GCFR VolunteerHave you ever wanted to give back to your community? Have you ever wanted to help your neighbors as they experienced one of the worst days of their lives, but just wasn't sure how? Have you ever witnessed a fire engine headed to a call and thought to yourself, "Wow! I'd love to do that!" If so, then you just may be the person we are looking for.

The Gordon County Fire-Rescue Department (GCFRD) is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team by becoming a member of our Part-time, Per Call Firefighting Corps. Few opportunities in life can match the sense of pride that comes from knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others - something we experience every day! We, at the GCFRD, always seek people who have a strong desire to help others to join with us - people with pride and dedication to making the community safer and better.

Because our work is so important, we make sure all our firefighters are properly trained and equipped; all you need to do is offer the time. If you really want to do something meaningful for your family, friends, and neighbors, and are willing to take on challenging work, please consider becoming a member of the Part-time, Per Call Firefighting Corps of our Department by downloading and submitting an Employment Application (PDF).

So You Want To Be A FireFighter?

Orginal written by Chief M.W. Moorehead - Loral, Ohio Fire Department

Edited by Deputy Chief B. Sutton - Gordon County Fire Rescue

"So you want to be a firefighter?" Maybe not. Before you become one of us, we want you to know what you do not know.

We cannot offer you near the pay or benefits package of most typical employers. That's why we're called "public servants." You should also know that you join our organization to belong - everything that follows in the fire service is mandatory. It has to be. The services we provide quite literally involve life and death; including your own.

Fire departments are not social clubs. The days of "good old boys," "bearded wonders," and "banquet firemen" are gone. It has to be. Buildings burn with more intensity, hazardous material content, and risk of collapse exist more than ever before. Other organizations exist to fulfill your "party" needs.

Belonging will be time-consuming. Training. More training. Always training. Firefighting is a "gamble." The only means you have of placing the "odds in your favor" is education. Knowing how fire burns, clues of color and smoke, building construction, and all the other things that must be learned may save your life and the lives of others.

It also takes time to respond to alarms, do your duty, and then get all the equipment and tools of the trade back in service. The work doesn't end when the fire goes out.

Time is needed for station and vehicle maintenance, record keeping, parades, etc., and there is never enough money or time. The fire service requires lots of time.

Fire fighting is physically demanding. Not all of the time - just each time you step foot off the truck to answer a call. Your heart pounds, adrenaline flows, and if you are sane, you are also scared. You'll wear 50 pounds of protective equipment. While wearing it you will pull, push, climb, stretch, carry, lift, crouch, crawl, and breathe harder than you thought possible. Smoke and soot become your cologne. You will learn new meanings on what it is to be truly cold, hot, sore, and tired. You may bleed, you will sweat, and sometimes; you will shed tears.

Fire fighting can be ugly. It can be blinding bright or blinding dark. It can be deadly silent or have a deafening roar. You will see suffering and carnage in fire of the future - like those before.

So, you still want to be a firefighter? Then you might make it; many have, and many have not. Not everyone has what it takes. The "Bad" in fire fighting is also part of the "Good." It is what makes us different. We do what others can't. If you become one of us, you'll share challenges, camaraderie, and when we're successful, a sense of accomplishment that is second to none.

Your family becomes ours; ours becomes yours. In our breed, you will experience our, often a strange sense of, humor, and you'll develop pride. Not boastful, bragging, cocky pride; rather an inner pride known only to those who have worn the gear. You will develop a respect for your co-workers across the nation, and their job, that exists to no other profession. Are you ready? Are you ready to add to your wardrobe?

It is often said that fire fighting gets into your blood. That's not true.

If you become one of us, it gets into your heart.

The requirements for becoming a Gordon County Fire-Rescue Part-time, per call Firefighter are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possess or obtain a valid Georgia Driver's License (Class E, F, or higher)
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalency from an accredited program
  • Have an acceptable driving record
  • Have no, or an acceptable criminal background
  • Pass a physical ability test
  • Pass a required drug screen
  • Live within 5 all-weather road miles of one of our part-time, per call stations
  • Completed application (with all proper forms with Notary signature and stamp)

Applications for part-time, per call firefighters being accepted!

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.

(Applications will be reviewed and processed on a periodic basis. Please do not call or email to check up on your application. All applicants will be contacted concerning their application at the appropriate time).

If you have the desire to serve in your community and wish to apply to become a member of our Part-time, Per Call Firefighter Corps within our department, please download the Employment Application and deliver it to Gordon County Fire Rescue Headquarters at 218 Public Safety Dr. SE (next to the Georgia State Patrol, Post 43, across from the Outlet Mall). All questions should be directed to Email Volunteer, or by phoning Headquarters at 706-629-8851, ext. 3011.