County Administrator / Legal

Administration-Building-e1331564600982-150x150The County Administrator is appointed by and directly responsible to the Board of County Commissioners. This position supervises the daily operations of thirteen departments and coordinates the activities among those departments, elected officials, and outside agencies. The County Administrator implements Board policy, serves as the hiring authority of all department directors under the Board's jurisdiction, prepares the annual budget and bimonthly commission agendas, and oversees grant applications and grant administration. This department also responds to citizen complaints that cannot be resolved by department directors, informs the Board of the county's financial condition, monitors and ensures that all departments are complying with personnel policies, and attends all county commission meetings.

  1. Administrator's Report for February 20, 2024

    Updates on the Cash & Investments Report, Annual Financial Audit, Budget Planning, Evidence Building, Records Retention, Public Works, Government Plaza, Administration Building, Salacoa Park Facilities, Brookshire Park, Sugar Valley Community Center, and Read on...
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