Facility & Rentals

All rentals are available seven days per week.


½ day of 4 hours- $300, all day of 8 hours- $600. Evening events- $600 County can accommodate up to a 200 person event for tables, chair, etc.

Community Rooms

2 hours- $50 per room, 4 hours- $70 per room, 6 hours- $90 per room, 8 hours- $110 pre room. Each community room is equipped with tables; chairs counter space and can accommodate about 50 people. All three community rooms can be joined together to hold about 150 people.

Lighted Tennis Courts

All six courts ½ day or 4 hours- $150, all six courts all day or 8 hours- $300. No partial rentals.

Athletic Fields

one softball field- $200 per day, all three softball fields- $600 00 per day. Football Field- $200 per day, 1- soccer field- $200 per day, both soccer fields $400 per day (concessions will be provided and operated by the County's Parks and Recreation Staff as requested).

Picnic Pavilions

½ day or 4 hours- $50 all day or 8 hours- $100. Each pavilion can accommodate about 25 people and includes a grill and picnic tables.

  • All facility rentals will include an additional $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation
  • All athletic events using sports lighting will be charged an additional $30 per hour per field
  • All weekend tournaments will include a one time $250 supervisor fee

No Alcohol Allowed on County Property

Board Approved August 3, 2010