Public Defenders Office

Cherokee Judicial Circuit Plan to Resume Jury Trials (PDF)

(Updated July 1, 2021)

Thank you for choosing the Georgia Public Defender Council to represent you. This office can only represent defendants in criminal matters in Bartow/Gordon County Superior Court and delinquent matters in Bartow County Juvenile Court. This office does not handle cases in Cherokee County. This office does not have the authority to handle Divorce cases, Child Support cases or cases pending in Municipal/Probate Court.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, the Public Defender's Office is not available for walk-in assistance. We are open and will be glad to assist you by telephone, email, and by appointment.

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The Public Defenders Office, an independent agency within the judicial branch of state government, was created by the General Assembly in 2003 and was appropriated state funding during a 2004 special session to deliver indigent defense services to all of the 49 judicial circuits within the state. The Public Defender for the Cherokee Judicial Circuit that consists of Bartow and Gordon Counties is appointed by a five-member circuit panel. The Public Defender and the staff is responsible for providing constitutionally mandated effective legal counsel to indigent persons who are incapable of hiring their own attorneys and are accused of crimes or subject to probation revocation proceedings in Superior Court. The county, by state law, must provide this office with office space, equipment, furniture, books, postage, supplies, telephones, and utilities.

  • Indigent guidelines for Gordon County follow the federal standards and guidelines for determining indigency.
  • Our office Does Not provide representation for lower courts; Magistrate, Probate, Municipal (any city court), Juvenile or any Civil matters such as divorce or child support. We do not give free legal advice.

Application Process

Complete an application and return it to our office by fax or in person. Make sure you have your financial documents to accompany the application.

Applications are taken Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm.

Call the main number 706-879-2160 and choose option Number 5 for complete instructions or click here for instructions.

In order for an attorney to be assigned to your case, you must apply and qualify. Attorneys will not be assigned or appointments made until you have completed the application process, provided the necessary financial documents and qualified.