Alcohol Licenses

Gordon County requires any individual, partnership, corporation, or entity that takes part in the sale of alcohol within unincorporated areas obtain an Alcohol License through Gordon County.

All of our requirements can be found in Chapter 7 Article IV of the Gordon County, Georgia Ordinance.

Local government alcohol renewal applications will need to be completed via the Georgia Tax Center (GTC) in conjunction with the renewal of your County alcohol license. The Department of Revenue has provided instructions.

All licensees holding a County license will be required to complete the renewal documents. These documents will be available for download through the GTC application process. If you would like to apply for a new license or renew your license, please go to the Georgia Tax Center website.

Please remember, all licensees are required to renew their licenses annually by November 15th each year in order to allow for timely processing of your application. The applications will be considered for renewal by the Board of Commissioners at their second scheduled meeting in December.

O.C.G.A § 3-2-7.1 requires the Department of Revenue to develop and implement a state-wide centralized application process for initial applications and renewals of retail licenses. The centralized licensing process provides a way for retail licensees to simultaneously apply for such licenses and renewals online. The license types included in the centralized licensing process are retail (beer/wine), retail package, consumption on premises (includes distilled spirits), and special events.