November 15, 2022



The Cash and Investment report for the period ending October 31, 2022, is in your material for your review.



    • 1960s Courthouse: Painting has commenced on the first floor with first level floor covering to begin on December 3rd. Painting and floor covering will then move in succession to the second and third floors. Floor leveling is complete on the third floor. We are waiting for s shipping date for the elevators. Senior Center: We are 95% completed with just a few items remaining, including new Storefront doors and an attic access ladder. It appears the project completion may be extended to mid-December because of a delay in shipping of the new storefront doors.

    • Our insurance carrier has recommended removal of a Bradford Pear that hangs over the sidewalk and parking lot at the Northwest corner of the Administration Building. As we know, Bradford Pears are prone to splitting and breaking and the concern is that the tree could injure someone or a vehicle. I have checked with Calhoun and the tree was not purchased with downtown development money and they do not object to its removal. Once removed, the tree will be replaced with landscaping or a more appropriate tree.

  • Shea Hicks and the staff at the Gordon County Board of Elections did a superb job in the recent election. We have a run-off in the Senate Race in an election to be held on December 6 and other relevant dates for the run-off are:
    • The last day to request an absentee ballot is on November 28th.
    • Early voting for the December 6, 2022 General Election Runoff will begin on Monday, November 28 - Friday, December 2nd from 8:30 am until 6 pm. Early Voting will be held at the Elections Office located at 408 Court Street, Calhoun, Georgia 30701 (across the street from the Calhoun Post Office).
    • No Saturday Voting for the December 6, 2022, General Election Runoff.

    •  Mayor Palmer, Paul Worley and Kyle Ellis from Calhoun sat down with Keith King and me to discuss areas of common concern on the future land development map and to coordinate the planning process in these areas. The Community Survey has closed and a draft has been sent to the BOC. Once the results are final, they will be posted on the county website.

    • The Gordon Development Authority met last week. The meeting was hosted by Calhoun in the conference room of the New Police Department. The Authority continues to work on Project Pioneer which is a major expansion of an existing industry on Highway 41 South.
    • Mr. King and I had a very productive telephone conversation with the assistant administrator in Jackson County regarding that county's recent implementation of developmental impact fees. We have a follow up conversation later this week with the expert that directed Jackson County through the impact fee adoption process. Gordon County is looking at Impact Fees as a method to require developers to pay an impact fee to offset the costs associated with the impacts their projects have on increased needs for fire protection, education, roads and other areas allowed by statute.
    • The Gordon Floyd JDA meets tomorrow afternoon at our Chamber of Commerce.

    •  I spoke with Andy Macke at Comcast today for an update on our broadband project. Comcast has applied for a State Grant to offset the costs of the project to bring high speed internet to all unserved areas of Gordon County. Mr. Macke reminded me that we are on hold pending a State determination for funding because State grant dollars are not available for a project already under construction. That being said, Mr. Macke assured me that Comcast is ready to begin construction immediately upon announcement of award from the State. He also stated "we [Comcast] are expecting to complete the first round of extensions in February 2023."

    •  This committee met last week. Advent Health gave a report on response times throughout the county. It was noted the non emergency truck service required by the renegotiated contract is in service and is successful in freeing up Advance Life Support units. In addition, the 5th truck specified in the contract is in service and assisting with responses. Several Public Safety agencies attended and participated in the discussions.

    • Code Enforcement is live and work on Planning and Zoning and Business Licenses are in progress. We are meeting with all departments that will use the software on 11/18. Expected completion for all departments is the end of March 2023.