April 18, 2023


  • SPLOST 2024

  • Gordon County hosted a joint meeting of the cities and county on Tuesday, April 11. The meeting was required by law and was helpful for a discussion of timelines, anticipated revenue collections, projects under consideration and opportunities for joint county and city projects.

  • The Finance Director and I held 24 budget meetings over the last couple of weeks with departments and elected officials. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of everyone as we try to balance the budget.



    • 1960s Courthouse: This project remains on schedule for an August 2023 opening.
    • Administration Building: The work on the roof, cornices and gutters should commence in May and last into July.
    • Public Works: We have met with stakeholders and continue to refine the schematic designs to cut construction costs. It appears the new building will have about 5200 square feet
    • Records Retention Expansion: This is a 2018 SPLOST project. Site work has begun. Upon completion, the expansion will roughly double the size of the existing building.
    • Salacoa Park Buildings: Phase 1, the concession stand renovations are underway with a completion at the end of May 2023. Phase 2, the Salacoa bath houses are in worse shape than anticipated so we are planning for the most cost effective solution for repair/replacement.
    • Brookshire Park: The entire park area is prone to river flooding. Accordingly, we are looking at keeping the costs low. We are considering a pavilion on a raised pad, picnic tables, grills and a 9 hole disc golf course.
    • Evidence Building and Morgue: We met with representatives from the Sheriff's Office and Coroner's office on April 11. We are very close to an affordable design.
    • Note: Gordon County is using a Construction Manager at Risk on all 2018 SPLOST projects. The CM at risk was selected after a competitive bid process open to all licensed design professionals. The bid was awarded to a local contractor, Momon Construction, which was the lowest responsive bidder and uses a majority of local subcontractors to perform the work. An advantage of the CM at risk is that we are able to take steps to reduce costs and improve designs at all stage of the project.

    • We held the Public Hearing on March 30 and no citizens spoke up for or against the proposed plan. We also have a comp plan comment form online and no one has left a comment. We plan to submit the proposed plan for adoption at a regular meeting in May.

  • Waiting for engineering reports.

    • The local legislation has passed the House and Senate. It does not become law until the bill is signed by the Governor or 40 days after the passage of the bill (May 9, 2023). This leaves us in a holding pattern. However, please contact the appropriate county department for any Ranger needs or concerns and we will look at them for a solution. Of course, call 911 for an emergency.


    • Telecommunicator's week activities
    • Was a featured speaker at a UGA and ACCG statewide CYBER ARCH webinar.