June 20, 2023



    • The 2023 to 2024 Budget is set for adoption tonight. This Budget is balanced without use of reserves; is about $95,000 less than last year; establishes a defined benefit retirement plan; and, includes a 3% COLA.

    • This report is in your material tonight. In comparison to the same report last year, the general fund balance is up $2.9 million dollars. However, sometimes this may be due to the timing of deposits and expenditures.
  • SPLOST 2024

    • Resolutions and IGA's have been drafted. The BOC will meet in a planning session on Friday July 7 to discuss projects.



    • 1960s Courthouse: On schedule for completion in August 2023.
    • Administration Building: Renovation work has begun. Soffits have been replaced. Brick work is underway and roof replacement is expected in July.
    • Public Works: Demolition of the existing building has begun. Plans for the new building are expected in July
    • Salacoa Park Buildings (Phase 1): Concession stand renovations are complete.
    • Tennis Courts: The Tennis Courts project has begun. Footings for the pavilion and storage area have been poured.
    • Evidence Building Morgue: The BOC has approved the contract for the new Evidence building with site work about to commence.
    • "Foremost Building": We are replacing awnings and painting the exterior.

    • DCA has approved the draft comprehensive plan. Public Comment has closed. Plan adoption is scheduled for tonight.

    • Gordon County has received its ratings from the Insurance Services Office. This ISO rating is an analysis of the structural fire suppression delivery system in the County. ISO ratings are a factor in determining the cost of fire insurance coverage for property owners and a lower ISO rating is associated with lower premiums. Based on the report from June 9, 2023, the Public Protection Classification regressed from 4/4y to 5/5x. Significant areas of deficiency included: ladder trucks rated at 0.13 out of 4; reserve ladder trucks 0 out of 0.5; we need additional stations and additional personnel. We expect the proposed 2024 SPLOST to include $1.7 million for an extended ladder truck, $4 million for fire engines, at least one new fire station and renovations to other stations. The SPLOST will pay for capital equipment and buildings but additional personnel are paid for by an insurance premium tax and general fund.