Ambulance Service

Gordon County provides ambulance services through a contract with AdventHealth Gordon. AdventHealth Gordon EMS operates as a department of the hospital to supply this service to the citizens and visitors of Gordon County. AdventHealth Gordon supplies all emergency personnel, emergency vehicles, equipment, and a billing system for AdventHealth Gordon EMS. The county gives the hospital an annual supplement, and fuel subsidy, and pays for the annual state license fee. Currently, the hospital operates four 24/7 Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances and one Monday through Friday from 8:30 am  to 5:30 pm ALS ambulance out of three Advanced Life Support (ALS) stations which are:

  • EMS Headquarters: 105 Willowbrook Way, Calhoun (two 24/7 ALS units and one Monday through Friday 10:30 am through 7:30 pm ALS unit)
  • Station Number 2: 25 McDaniel Station Road, Calhoun (24/7 ALS unit)
  • Station Number 3: 131 U.S. Highway 411 NE, Ranger (24/7 ALS unit)

AdventHealth Gordon EMS also has a bicycle unit that covers community events where immediate access by an ambulance may be hampered due to crowded conditions such as parades and racing events. Additionally, AdventHealth Gordon EMS has a community outreach and education program centered around "Mac the Medic" which is a teaching model in a mascot-type outfit that is willing to come out and speak to children of all ages or be available for use at civic organization events. Also, Gordon EMS has an honor guard who participates in the Region 1 EMS Honor Guard.

For more information, call 706-602-7800, Ext. 2257.