Building Permit Process

Getting Started with the Permit Process

If you have plans to build, renovate, add accessory or agricultural structures in the future please be aware that permits may be required depending to the scope of work you will be doing. How will you know if a permit is required? The easiest way is to call the Gordon County Building, Planning and Development office at 706-629-0505 or come by our office at 200 S. Wall Street next door to the courthouse. You can then explain what you would like to do and be advised as to whether a permit will be necessary. Typically, if your project is over 120 square foot you will need to obtain a permit.


A Driveway Inspection is required before receiving an address for all new projects and additions/upgrades. The cost is $50.00 for Residential and $100.00 for Commercial. Please complete the application online and then call 706-629-2785 to pick up marking flags (required) and pay for the permit in person. Online payments are not accepted at this time but will be at a future date.

A street address for the project. Contact Gordon County Emergency Management at 706-602-2905 if you do not currently have a street number for assistance.

A copy of your recorded deed and plat of your property. Available at the Gordon County Clerk of Court office in the judicial building at 101 South Piedmont Street Calhoun, Georgia 30701. The office phone number is 706-629-0505.

A copy of your septic permit from Gordon County Environmental Health Dept., 706-624-1440, located at the Gordon County Health Dept. located on North River Street (Sugar Valley Rd.) next door to the National Guard Armory. If your project does not involve connecting to an existing septic system or adding a new system you will need to obtain a document from Environmental Health indicating you will not be interfering with an existing septic system.

Please click here to upload all commercial plans for review to ePlan Solution.

A fire permit is required for commercial, industrial and multi-family dwelling projects. This permit can be obtained from the Gordon County Fire Prevention Office, 706-629-7741


If you are unable to find the information you need, please contact the Building Inspections Office at 706-629-0505.


Bring all documents from Step 1 and the needed application from Step 2 to the Building Inspections Office.  Our address is 200 South Wall Street, 1st Floor, Calhoun, GA 30701.  Our staff will assist you in making sure that all paperwork is in order.  All permits must undergo a plan review before the applicant is permitted to begin any work.  At this point, you are still not permitted to begin any work.

After all plan reviews are completed, our staff will add a valuation and all applicable fees.  Once this has been completed, our staff will notify the applicant that the permit is ready to be paid.


Once all permits are paid, the applicant may begin the work associated with the application.  When the applicants are ready for the inspection, they may call the office at 706-629-0505 to schedule an inspection.  Once all inspections are completed, a Letter of Occupancy can be picked up at the Building Inspections Office if needed.