Community Work Program

Every five years Gordon County and the cities of Calhoun, Fairmount, Plainville, Ranger, and Resaca update the Community Work Program within their joint comprehensive plan. The five-year update is required and will be prepared according to new rules promulgated by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Public hearings are held to help explain the process that will be followed for the update, which has a State established deadline. The update will include a Report of Accomplishments regarding the last five-year short-term work program; the creation of a new Community Work Program; review and update of the list of Issues and Opportunities; and review and update of the Land Use Element. Updates of other portions of the plan document are discretionary per the state rules. Following this process will allow the participating local governments to maintain their Qualified Local Governments (QLG) status, and therefore be eligible for state grant funds, state loans, and state permits.

Current Plan

Previous Plans