E-911The E-911 Special Revenue Fund receives revenues from a monthly $1.50 surcharge placed on all wired telephones in the county, a monthly $1.50 surcharge placed on all wireless telephones in the county (Phase I and II), a monthly $1.50 surcharge placed on all VOIP telephones, and a contribution from the City of Calhoun to pay the salary and benefits of three of the twenty communication officer positions. These proceeds are specifically earmarked to fund the county-wide emergency telephone system that became operational during mid 1993. This department’s certified communication officers receives and processes emergency and non-emergency telephone calls on a county-wide basis, dispatches emergency personnel from the Sheriff’s Office, County Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, County Animal Control, Calhoun Police Department, Calhoun Fire Department, Calhoun Animal Control, Fairmount Police, and assists the County Public Works Department, Calhoun Public Works Department, Georgia Department of Transportation, and the Georgia State Patrol regarding road hazards. This department also transfers emergency telephone calls to other jurisdictions as needed and maintains the county’s Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) for the unincorporated area as well as for all cities within the county. Since the revenues generated from the telephone surcharges and the City of Calhoun’s contribution do not cover all of the E-911 Fund’s expenses, the General Fund must transfer funds to the E-911 Fund to pay for normal operating expenses.